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How It All Began

Jeff and Meg Snyder have been animal lovers their entire lives!

Jeff grew up in Maine and has had many Maine Coons in his family over the years. He especially fell in love with their friendly, loving, fun personalities that love to cuddle, play and follow you around like a dog. 

Meg grew up near Chicago and loved her black labrador growing up.

As they both followed God's leading in their lives, both Jeff and Meg left their home states and moved to Nashville to pursue their passion for Christian ministry in various ways. A few years later, the two met while loving and living among the international and refugee community in South Nashville.

As the two fell in love and decided to spend forever together, Meg realized pretty quickly their story would be filled with cats. :)

But there was one problem - she had been allergic to a number of kitties over the years, though she loved them and all animals so!

Though Maine Coons aren't labeled as hypoallergenic, many people with cat allergies have found they can handle Maine Coons much better allergy-wise than other cat breeds.

So, Meg met her first Maine Coon and alas! No watery eyes or itchy nose ensued - hooray! 

We first brought our Mama Maine Coon, Miska, home in the Fall of 2018. Our Papa, Oby, came home in the Fall of 2019.

They bonded quickly and as one thing led to another (with our intentionality, of course!), Miska became pregnant with her first litter in January of 2020 and we were ecstatic! 

Reach out to us today - we're excited to connect with you!

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